Welcome to Studio Strumenti!

Our purpose is to contribute to individual, group, and organizational development and learning.

Our point of departure is that in order to be successful you need to develop more than just your staff or your organization. You have to develop them both. Simultaneously. Why? Because they are mutually dependent; Experiencing a positive development, a person will most likely do a better job. A positive development in an organization will offer managers as well as employees greater possibilities to grow and fulfill their potential. A Win-Win approach.

We invite you to browse our website and read more about how our products and services can contribute to your Personal and Leadership Development, as well as to your company's growth and future prosperity.

Our Test Center offers a wide range of development tools, on individual, group, and organizational level. "Inspirations" offers a variety of resources intended for reflection, as well as for personal and organizational growth. 

Being a research based company, we also carry out various kinds of studies. Examples of areas covered are Leadership, Psychosocial Work Environment, and Employee Health.